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Hi there! We know it has already been done a million time but since it’s 2014 (happy new year by the way!), why not start the year with a masteropst with fresh links? Here is lees-pace's masterpost, we hope you'll enjoy it. Please like/reblog to spread the word!

If you have trouble reading a file, we advice you to download VLC.

We have included as many links to watch or download as we could find, but for some items, you will need to know how to work with torrent files. We recommend the program, BitTorrent or uTorrent. It’s free. Once you have your extractor installed, you can download torrents easily. Just click the “Download Torrent” button, open the *.torrent file, and the program will handle the rest.



Special thanks to some of our followers for giving some links and all the team!

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